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Pay Per Click Services in Uganda

There is shift in search behaviors; your customer is conducting more mundane searches than ever before, for the best products or services, product or brand reviews, price comparison shopping, etc. They are impowered to make the best-informed decision before they buy, call, act and convert.

It is our job as marketers to identify these behaviors and segment customers into audiences based on intent using 1st party data or audience attributes from our search and data partners.

From there the key is to leverage our search partners’ advancements in machine learning bid strategies and audience segmentation narrowing down the most opportunistic time to enter the search auction based on the ideal audiences searching for our identified keywords.

If you’re looking for a fast return on investment (ROI), you’ll want to work with a pay per click marketing agency. Eruptive Marketing Agency has expertise in creating campaigns in Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media Ads, and more.

Pay Per Click Services Uganda

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services in Uganda

All our PPC management clients can expect the following benefits:

Comprehensive keyword research

We ensure you appear for the RIGHT searches by completing thorough keyword research up front, and monitoring your campaign’s performance closely throughout.

Proof of ROI through detailed reporting

There are some excellent data tracking tools built into Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC services. We wade through the data and generate a customized PDF report highlighting the most important information.

PPC mini-campaigns

Let us target your state, city, or even neighborhood with ads, or set up a small campaign designed to push one specific product or service.

Split testing and comparison of ads

We’ll set up comparisons to test the effectiveness of different ads. This will allow us to hone our content and presentation

Landing page conversion optimization

If need be, we will create a landing page on your site tailored to receive the visitors that have clicked through from your PPC ads. This allows us the freedom to create a page specifically designed to sell, as opposed to serving the multiple other purposes your site was created for.

Re-marketing campaigns (Retargeting)

Reconnect to past site visitors that have shown interest in your product or service. Using a re-marketing campaign can help increase return on ad spend while increasing sales or leads.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a type of online marketing done through platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Bing. You (the advertiser) will only pay for clicks, or when a user clicks through to your desired landing page. It’s a way of buying traffic to your website vs. earning visitors through organic methods, like SEO.

Whether you’ve partnered with a PPC agency before or this is new to you, it’s important to consider some things before signing the contract. Chances are, they’ll be an expansion of your marketing team and you’ll be working with them often to continue improving the campaign performance and adjust the strategy as needed. Here are seven things to consider before hiring your next PPC partner.

    1. Transparency
    2. Goals & expectations
    3. Strategy
    4. Agency vs. client contribution
    5. Experience
    6. Reporting
    7. Pricing structure

This is a tricky question, even with all the knowledge in the world about these two types of web marketing. Here are some steps you can take to decide what might be best for your business.

Step One: Identify Your Primary Campaign Goal

This sounds simple, but I want you to take some time and hone in on an ultra-focused goal. The more focused you can get, the better. Here are some great steps to take to focus your goal:

    1. What do I want from a marketing campaign? Make a list of items.
    2. Which items on the list do I need before I can achieve some of the others? Narrow down to 2 or 3 of the most important items.
    3. Do you see any commonalities between the remaining items? Can you categorize them as brand awareness, more leads, more website visits, more sales, or something similar?
    4. From what you’ve distilled, grab your one or two primary goals.
    5. Add numbers, if you can. For example, do you need sales to increase by a certain percentage? Do you have a set number of bookings you’d like to schedule per month?

Step Two: Identify Your Time Frame

This one’s pretty straight-forward: Take your campaign goal and decide on a time frame. Is this a quarterly goal? Or perhaps you’re just launching something new and you need results ASAP? Maybe it’s something you’re just hoping to achieve within a year? Be specific.

Step Two: Identify Your Time Frame

This one’s pretty straight-forward: Take your campaign goal and decide on a time frame. Is this a quarterly goal? Or perhaps you’re just launching something new and you need results ASAP? Maybe it’s something you’re just hoping to achieve within a year? Be specific.

Step Three: Compare the Benefits of PPC vs. SEO

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Why Work With A PPC Marketing Agency in Uganda?

Access to dedicated PPC specialists

At Eruptive, we believe that our job as your PPC agency is to make a technical, complicated, and sometimes overwhelming internet marketing process as simple as possible for our clients.

One of the many ways we accomplish this is by providing each of our PPC clients with a single point of contact to manage your project and your questions.

You will get to know your PPC specialist well and they will get to know your business and understand your unique needs. We will become your outsourced online marketing department.

Extreme customer focus

At Eruptive, we are building a culture of extreme customer focus. John Spence, in his book Awesomely Simple, says, “the only sustainable competitive differentiator left to most businesses today is creating a culture of continuous innovation and extreme customer focus driven by highly talented people.” We believe in owning the voice of our clients and work hard to show it.

Our approach to pay-per-click reporting

You can see exactly how our efforts are increasing your online revenue with our custom reports and client dashboard:

    • Check up on your site’s Google Analytics reports for an overview or minute details on your PPC performance.
    • Visit your client dashboard anytime and see how your site is ranking for specific keywords and search phrases.
    • View a detailed report sent to you monthly, listing how we’ve spent our time working on your PPC campaign.
    • Watch a video sent to you each month from your dedicated PPC specialist showing notable results while explaining in detail how your campaign is going.
    • Contact your PPC specialist by phone or email if you want to discuss your PPC campaign strategy or have any questions.

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