How To Promote Your Beauty Business

How To Promote Your Beauty Business Effectively

Are you looking for ways to promote your beauty business faster?  

If your answer is yes then let’s get started.

Beauty consumption and the cosmetic market has grown exponentially in the past few years. The worldwide beauty and personal care industry was estimated to be worth $532 billion and is on a rapid upward trajectory.

According to Statista, it shows that 12% of Ugandans use color cosmetics, 12%  use deodorants, 11% use Men’s grooming, 11% use Fragrances while, Suncare, Haircare, Bath and shower, Skincare takes up to 10%.

Continue reading because No. 9 is very beneficial for your brand.

There are many established and new cosmetic brands in any given market. A new entrepreneur has to deal with a lot of competition to survive and then to move ahead in the tough market conditions. 

Your small cosmetic brand needs a clever business promotion plan to not only tackle the competition but also to eventually become a leader in your specialty of cosmetics products. 

Nevertheless, the digital world has taken the beauty industry to a higher, more connected level. It’s easier than ever to communicate with customers globally through various types of content, channels and platforms.

If you want to promote your beauty business in Uganda, try to integrate these simple strategies into your day to day marketing activities.

Develop A Community To Build Brand Ambassadors

Beauty and cosmetic companies should leverage the inner desire of ambassadors to connect with brands, to share their brand experience they friends and family, and to become part of the company they resonate with.

That is the reason why beauty brands of the 21st Century must invest in building communities of customers and followers, vial social media platforms and other online forums.

Inspire consumers to share their feedback, beauty inspiration and tips with the communities. Share special offers as an exclusive members-only promotion, and collaborate with beauty experts on different forums to help people solve their beauty problems.

Remember that your main goal is to retain customers and strengthen their connection with your company.

Add Feedback and Testimonials To Your Product Pages

How Promote Your Beauty Business

Happy customers/consumers are the best advertisements your brand can ever get. A feedback is on of the most powerful influences in a customer’s decision marking process.

Make it easy for your customers to get all the information related to your product. If someone wrote a positive review of one of your products that is great. Add that review or link to that review in the product description page and see the magic.

To Grow Your Beauty Business: Blog The Difference

Your business website or online store reflects who you are as a brand, so make sure they include all the information that both your customers and the media need.  Build a blog page where you can publish all company news and brand mentions, such as interviews, blog articles, bloggers reviews, honors, etc.

This seemingly obvious step will make a huge difference in leveraging social proof of your brand value. Check out how natural beauty brands Youth To The People and Mad Hippie have presented their stories. This way, the media can easily access what they need – and what you want them to see – about your company’s story.

Leverage The Potential of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the King and the most powerful strategies when it comes to brand promotion.

Distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage with your target audience. This marketing strategy should be injected into your brand DNA in order to promote your beauty business.

Looking for content marketing ideas to start with? See below:

    • Create tutorials to teach people how to set up a skincare routine or home spa treatment.
    • Build a list of subscribers and use it to inform them about special promotions and offers and engage your existing customers and potential new customers with your content.

    • Use live video to broadcast your message in real-time on social media. Video content is the most consumed media in this generation and therefore an easy way to boost your brand for free.

    • Ask effective questions to get feedback about your products through social media campaigns. You can also integrate these questions as popups on your business website to the best feedback. Use these findings to adapt your marketing strategy.

    • Get feedback from the natural beauty industry. Get in touch with bloggers and influencers who are into beauty and cosmetics. Influencer marketing is huge in the beauty industry and it can be a real win-win strategy for the company and the influencer you are working with.

To Promote Your Beauty Business: Find Customers Through Social Media

Listening and monitoring your brand’s online presence, by searching and analyzing online conversations about your company, its products, competitors, etc.

Utilize social media listening tools like Brand24 or Mention can help you do this. Chose the best keywords that are relevant to your brand forexample “YourCompanyName”, “WhiteningCream”, “skincare routine”, “beauty tips” and go for it.

The tools will aggregate all online mentions and threads where you can start engaging with potential prospects.

To Promote Your Beauty Business: Participate in Trade Shows

It may be certain beauty events like Miss Uganda or business events are taking place regularly in your country. Such trade shows provide a great opportunity for promoting your small company amid prospective consumers such as wholesalers, retailers, and people.

The cost for exhibitor booths at these shows may be expensive, but you will reap the benefits in the end. Your company’s innovative products come into the limelight as retailers from all over the country see your products.

To Promote Your Beauty Business: Affiliate With Hotels and Spas

Create a holistic approach to beauty by collaborating with other brands and companies in other industries, such as hotels, spas, and fashion companies. These partnerships will not only help build brand trust and credibility but will also open up new distribution channels.

Brand Yourself As A Beautypreneur To Grow Your Beauty Business

The power of personal branding can positively leverage your business authenticity. What’s more, it brings extra PR and another resource in your marketing strategy mix. Focus on the human side of your company. Your business started with a unique story, based on your aspirations and dreams, so don’t even hesitate to spread the word about it!

    • Write articles and tell your story on Medium, LinkedIn, or on your favorite social media platform.

    • Share your knowledge, challenges, and plans for the future. In the long run, it will help you build a strong position as an industry authority.

    • Talk openly about the company’s vision and mission; initiate conversations within your network. Over 90% of customers want brands to tell stories through their advertising.

    • Maintain relationships with beauty magazines and journalists who cover reviews and news on the beauty industry and natural beauty products to generate positive publicity and hype.

Content Ideas To Level Up Your Beauty Brand Marketing

content marketing to promote your beauty business

The number one challenge for beauty brand owners and marketers is coming up with fresh, and new ideas for content.

Below are some ways you can use content in you beauty marketing routines:

    • Publish visually appealing and “Instagramable” content. If you don’t have a huge budget, consider collaborating with talented amateur photographers.
    • Publish “before and after” stories to prove the effectiveness of your cosmetics.
    • Collaborate with aspiring beauty MUAs (makeup artists) –  they love natural cosmetics and many share their skincare routine and tips online, so it’s a powerful way to attract new prospects.

    • Analyze popular hashtags in the beauty niche using IQ Hashtags, then easily plan, manage, and schedule your communication with Planoly.

    • Tell your brand stories through native ad platforms, YouTube, and social media storytelling platforms. Present tutorials, tips, and tricks on how to apply cosmetics, product benefits, and more. Share your customers’ stories and other user-generated content on your website, social media, and other ad platforms – there’s no better strategy to show true love for your products!

    • Offer a free giveaway and try to keep it as creative as possible. What can people do for your brand to spread the word? Perhaps a short video showing them using a product, or a before-and-after photo. The winning entries can receive a prize or voucher.

    • Collaborate with an organization that supports social causes and values. 87% of customers will choose a product when the brand supports organizations, activities, and issues that they care about.

    • Stay proactive and customer-centric; respond quickly and in a friendly way to customer feedback. Place your audience, their needs, and desires at the center of all your ideas and marketing initiatives.

    • Engage with people through gifs, content-in-motion, and, of course, with videos. A video is a powerful tool – it’s no wonder 87% of marketers are using it in their activities.

Testimonials About Facebook Advertising

Dr. Alain Michon,
Medical Director at Ottawa Skin Clinic

“My number one tip is to use Facebook advertising. It’s a great way to target customers in your industry. For example, we can target, women between the ages of 30-50 located in our city who are interested in beauty services. This is a really cost-effective way to reach potential customers, and we’ve been thrilled with the results. Especially in the beauty industry, it’s really important to use quality imagery to connect with discerning customers. However, also beware that Facebook has strict guidelines for the beauty niche, so make sure your images and text conform to the Facebook guidelines.”

If you want to be competitive and up-to-date with the latest industry marketing tips you need to implement some experimental gimmicks and measure the results.

Get creative and if you need a tip or two, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on +971522458853 or as Eruptive Marketing is a leading marketing expert in the beauty sector.

In the comments below let us know what you think about these marketing strategies for a beauty brand. Kindly share the method you have used before that has helped you grow your brand so that others can learn from you.

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