Pay for Facebook Ads in Uganda

How To Pay For Your Facebook Ads in Uganda

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Learn how to pay for your Facebook ads in Uganda and grow your business faster.

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Add Your Payment Method For Facebook Ads

In order to pay for your Facebook ads in Uganda you need to choose a payment method.

You have the option to choose a variety of payment methods when you run Facebook ads in Uganda. You can change your payment methods any time in the payment settings in Ads Manager.

List of payment options for Facebook ads

Facebook Ads Payment

    • Credit cards and co-branded debit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa)
    • PayPal
    • Bank account (direct debit) in supported countries
    • Local manual payment methods in some countries and currencies

The payment methods available to you vary depending on the country and currency of your ad account.

Some countries like Uganda can not use PayPal to pay for Facebook ads because it is not yet supported. The rest of the payment methods above are all available and can be used by Ugandans.

Remember, if you share either your payment method or ad account with others e.g your colleagues, make sure that you check with them if you don’t recognize charges on your bill. Often, in this scenario, another person will have run separate ads using your payment method or ad account.

Use payment settings in Ads Manager to add new payment methods to your account.

Steps to follow before you begin:

  • Make sure that you are an admin of the ad account (Facebook Page) you are working on. You will have to be one Admin to manage an ad account’s payment methods.
  • Check if the payment method you are adding is an accepted payment option for Facebook ads.
  • If your ad account is set up for manual payments (meaning that you add money to a balance on your account), you won’t be able to add a payment method in the same way that’s shown here. Also, some payment methods won’t be an available option for you to use (such as PayPal)

Steps To Add a Payment Method To Your Ad Account

    1. Go to your Billing in your Ads Manager click on payment settings
    2. In the Payment methods section. Click Add Payment Method.

Facebook Ads Payment







3. Choose the payment method that you want to add, fill in your information, then click Continue. Follow any additional instructions to add your payment method.


Your payment method will saved to your account.

That means you have saved your payment method and you can start running Facebook ads and make payment using that payment method you just set.

Pay Now For Your Facebook Ads

Instead of waiting until you have reached your billing threshold or your bill date, you can pay now for your ads whenever you’re ready.

Before you start paying

    1. Confirm that you have a primary payment method on file.
    2. You have to be an admin to make a payment or manage an ad account’s billing information.
    3. If there’s no amount due on your account, you won’t see an option to pay straight away.

Pay For Your Ads Now

    1. Go to the Billing section of your Ads Manager.
    2. Next to Next Bill, Click Pay Now.

Pay Facebook Ads







Once you click Pay Now, your primary payment method is charged immediately.

A receipt for your payment is sent to the Billing section of your Ads Manager and to the email address associated with your ad account.

And finally you have paid for your Facebook ads in Uganda without any struggle.

What to do if a payment from your bank account has been declined by Facebook

If the online banking information you entered at registration is correct, you’ll need to contact your bank for additional info to find out why your payment was declined. Learn more about what to do when ad payments are declined.

When an online banking payment is declined, Facebook will stop the campaigns on your account until you have paid the amount you owe. To pay your balance, you can add a new payment method and then use it to pay your current balance manually.

Once your balance has been paid, any active or scheduled ads will be eligible to begin running immediately.

If your ads are stopped, you won’t receive any additional charges from Facebook until your balance has been paid. Once your balance has been paid, Facebook will resume any active or scheduled ads and attempt to make up any lost time to meet the original campaign dates and budgets that you’ve set.

Now that you now how to pay for your Facebook ads in Uganda. It’s time to start boosting your business, creating brand awareness, increasing your sales an engaging with your customers on Facebook more effectively.

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Let us know in the comments below if you have any question about this process. We are willing to help you overcome any obstacle you face with this process.

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