The Best Effective Ways To Market Your Business on Social Media

Effective Ways To Market Your Business On Social Media in Uganda

Social media marketing is no longer optional for small business, mid-sized and large enterprises in 2019.

Marketing your business on social media is the best for for customers and brands to interact directly with each other. Both parties can ask each other questions, sharing of each other’s content and work on forming relationships. Getting started with social media marketing can be intimidating, so here are our best effective tips tested and proved for promoting businesses on social networks.

Choose the Right Platforms

There is no shortage of social media sites on which to share your content. The number of sites is growing every day. Sharing your content on the right platforms is crucial to your success.

When determining which channels to use, you should consider your customers and your business. It’s important that you create accounts on the platforms your target audience uses, so they can easily connect with you. Conduct some research to determine what sites your audience probably uses, and then use them too. 

You should also consider which sites best fit your products. For a video production company, for example, YouTube is an obvious choice.

What all of the services mentioned in the chart below have in common is their immense attractiveness to advertisers. Not only do they all boast hundreds of millions of users, but they also have the ability to target specific groups based on likes, dislikes and past behavior. That is why social media advertising has grown immensely over the past few years. In the U.S. alone, social media ad revenue was expected to reach $34.9 billion in 2019, with more growth to come in 2020 and beyond.

Create a Social Media Calendar

What Is A Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media content calendar is a working document used to schedule out pieces of content you’ll post across all social media platforms for the month, week, day, and even sometimes the time of day. 

Scrambling to create posts at the last minute can lead to low-quality content. A lack of organization can lead to repeated posts or a lull in your presence on one of your channels. Creating social media content calendars can help avoid those mistakes and lead to more effective posts. Content calendars also help you create goals and strategies for meeting them, and track your progress toward them.

To make a content calendar, use a regular calendar for each social media channel and plan out your posts in advance, complete with hashtags, links, images and other content. 

The Importance Of A Social Media Content Calendar

  1. Visualization & Organization
    • One of the benefits of using a social media content calendar is the ability to visualize your social content strategy over a period of time and stay organized across all social channels.  It helps you plan your social media marketing efforts around important opportunities in your industry or company.  A solid social media calendar allows plenty of time to fill space with relevant content that is valuable to your audience rather than posting on the fly.
  2. Consistency
    • Using a social media content calendar allows you to develop a unified voice and create a consistent flow of content that continues to build towards your ultimate marketing goals.  Planning out your social media content keeps your brand voice consistent and makes your content a reliable source of information for members of your industry.
  3. Reporting
    • In addition to planning, a social media calendar aids in the efforts of reporting and following up.  Did the whole social media plan go into action?  Did we achieve our goals?  What worked?  What didn’t work?  This information is key to receiving a return on your investment.
  4. Sanity
    • It also makes your life easier when creating posts by reducing the need to dig for content.  You’ll be able to look across all your marketing efforts and make informed decisions about the timing of your social posts.  You’ll inevitably be thrown a few curve balls along the way, but with a solid organizational system in place, you won’t go into a full panic mode when deer hunting season is in full swing and you need to brainstorm a quality Facebook post to promote your brand for this crucial time.

Encourage Engagement

Social media should, of course, be social. That doesn’t only apply to those who use the sites for fun. Businesses need to be interactive, too. In order to take advantage of social capability, you need to encourage interaction.

Post content that people want to read, ask questions and like, repost and comment on other users’ posts. Doing research on your audience can help you figure out what they might like. 

Tips for increasing your engagement on social media

  • Post content worth engaging with
  • Respond to all comments
  • Encourage readers to comment, like, share and tag friends
  • Start a Facebook group
  • Run contests and giveaways
  • Use Images in every post
  • Post multiple times daily
  • Ask questions
  • Optimize your headline for engagement
  • Share content that is relevant to your audience
  • Make live videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to interact with your fans.

Don’t Over-Promote

One trap that businesses often fall into is treating social media too much like regular advertising. You don’t want to blatantly promote yourself in every post. You need to create content that people will actually enjoy and want to see.

Promoting yourself is okay every once in a while. Some marketers go by the one-in-seven rule, which says that for every one directly promotional post, six others should be content-based. In these other six posts, you could share articles, comment on current events or ask a question. You don’t have to entirely avoid mentioning your brand in these posts; just be careful not to sell too hard.

Think differently when marketing your business on social media, always remember that customers want proof and want to feel special.

Marketing Your Business on Social Media: Share Video

Visual content works well on social media. Video content, especially, is ideal for grabbing people’s attention as well as conveying your personality and passion to your customers. 

Visual content stands out as people scroll through their social feeds, so they’re more likely to view it and engage with it. It also allows you to say more than you could in a typical post without taking up much room. Create interesting, narrative-driven video in order to get the best reaction.

Share videos of your workplace, videos of testimonials from your customers, videos of employee parties, videos of the work process etc hence contributing in the conversation company for your brand.

Marketing Your Business on Social Media: Address Problems Quickly

marketing your business on social media

Hopefully you receive mostly positive feedback on social media. Occasionally you may encounter someone who is upset, argumentative or has something negative to say about your company.

You should carefully monitor mentions of your brand on social channels, so you can catch issues before they escalate. If you spot a problem, engage with the person by publicly apologizing if necessary and offering to solve the problem over a direct message exchange. This way, people who see the post know you were responsive but don’t have to see all the specifics of the issue.

In order to take your conversation game to the next level don’t only respond to negative comments or articles you have also to respond to positive ones.

Thank your customers to comment positively about your brand so that they get to know you have got their presence. Make them you brand ambassadors by thanking them and providing them with great content so they can continue preaching the gossip of your brand.

Marketing Your Business on Social Media: Build a Community

marketing your business on social media

Instead of trying to get as many followers as possible, focus on finding customers who are interested, loyal and engaged. These people are more likely to repost your content, like your posts and become customers.

When you build a community around your brand, the people within that community will engage with each other and help to promote your content. You could even try reaching out to exceptionally influential social media users and asking them to help you by reviewing a product or mentioning you in a post.

Always start with your employees: each of them has got almost 300 friends who have friends as well who might be interested in your services, people prefer companies referred to them by someone they know.

Do not miss the opportunity of getting more customers by engaging with your previous customers, they have a high impact on word of mouth marketing once they like your service or product they are more like to talk about it with friends, colleagues and partners

Marketing Your Business on Social Media: Provide Value

Perhaps the most important thing you can do on social media is provide value to your followers. Create something that your audience will find useful. It could be something that tells them something they didn’t know before, makes them laugh, entertains them or anything else that’s beneficial in some way. 

With nearly 3 billion active users, social media is a potential goldmine of new customers and current patrons who could become repeat customers. Create a good social campaign, and you’ll be able to connect with some of those people and grow your customer base.

Avoid syndicated messages.

While you can use tools that allow you to write one message and have it appear on a variety of social media outlets, you risk losing the sincerity behind the message. You can use similar language as you promote your offer on different sites; just be sure to change up the words while reflecting the tone of each network.

If you find that your customers are scattered across a variety of networks, focus your efforts where they’re most active. Not sure? Ask. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time skimming the surface of multiple networks with little results.

When small-business owners apply these best practices to social media engagement and promotion, we’ll likely see that already impressive 72 percent success statistic continue to rise.

Brand Advocates and User-Generated Content (UGC)

Make the customer the focus of your content. Your followers are more likely to believe that your business truly is the bee’s knees if unpaid, regular folks are touting your services. YOTPO conducted a study which found that 55% of converted customers interacted with user-generated content. That’s a good case to get your user-generated content and brand advocate strategy up and running!

First, choose the proper social network to run your campaign. Your campaign goals along with your target audience will help determine which is the most appropriate. Instagram is best if you’re looking to incorporate images of your products in action while Facebook is great for sharing stories. Next, decide how you’re going to encourage your followers and clients to post about your business. 

This aspect of social media is what attracts the right customers to your business, makes people want to follow you on social sites and helps content to spread. Master this, and you’ll be a big step closer to a successful social media marketing campaign. 

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